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 We at VVMS Polymers Pvt. Ltd. are a multi-disciplinary team of engineers and financial experts providing consultancy in PET recycling for products like bottle to bottle resin, PET Sheet(foamed, A-PET, R-PET, C-PET, Polyester Staple fiber, Polyester monofilament Yarn, and many other end applications.

We also have a trading division dealing in raw material for PET products, both Virgin and Off-grade. Our main products are 0.8 IV bottle grade resin, 0.6 IV Off-grade, and virgin material (both bright and dull).

Our third division of company deals in recycling machinery as follows:

1. Polyester Staple fiber line from Zhangjiagang Gangying Machinery Limited, China having many installations in India.

2. PET Sheet line from China

3. PET Washing line from Chang Woen Machinery limited, Taichung, Taiwan.

4. PET Pelletising from Acretech Machinery, China, and also USE-ON Machinery, China

5. Underwater Pelletiser from GALA USA.

6. Solid State Polymerisation from Welsun, China.

We have recently introduced LIQUID STATE POLYCONDENSATION from China with Video as above.

Our team is headed by Mr. Vikas Anand who has worked with leading polymer companies at senior management levels for more than 34 years. Our technical director has worked in the production of Polyester Staple fiber, Polyester POY, PET recycling, PET Sheet line, Polyester Monofilament, etc. during his long career.

Our director is a consultant to leading groups in India, China, Taiwan, and the USA.

Mr. Mayank Anand is a Mechanical Engineer with an MBA from reputed Narsee Monjee Institute Of Management Studies taking care of Financial Products like Feasibility reports, technical viability, and market study for new projects. He also looks after the trading division of the company.

Mr. Vaibhav Anand is an entrepreneur and takes care of strategy, diligence, investments, and Growth of the company.

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